Hamm's Corner Origins

Meet the Creator and Editor of Hamm's Corner, Jackson Hamm! He explains his background and what led him to create the website.

Jackson Hamm

7/1/20231 min read

Hello, and welcome to Hamm's Corner! I'm Jackson Hamm, founder and editor of Hamm's Corner. I graduated from Indiana University in 2023 and am a life long College Football and Basketball fan.

I was introduced to college football at a very young age, wayyyy before I ever knew of any other sports or even the NFL. For years, I've spent my Fall Saturdays waking up to watch College Gameday and ending them late at night watching those midnight Pac 12 games.

I was and still am a huge Notre Dame football fan. While that passion has died a bit since attending IU, I still watch the Irish religiously (though I can't name every player on the roster like I used to). My years in college ignited a passion for College Basketball, rivaling that of my love for College Football. I am crazy about Hoosier Basketball and will make content for both the Football and Basketball seasons.

I am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Hoosier state is home to the Sagarin rankings system, which I believe is one of the only computer systems used for High School sports. I would follow these rankings closely growing up, and as I got older I discovered just how many different computer rankings systems there really are. This inspired me to make my own system.

With the Inaugural Edition of the Hamm's rankings, I'm excited to see how close they are to reality. As time progresses the system will only get better. I trained this model with data from the last 4 seasons, but will continue to update it with new data. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and seeing my rankings.