Hamm Computer Rankings

Week 0 Rankings

Georgia on Top

The Bulldogs start as the #1 team in the land. They dominated in the championship game last year and have reloaded everything they lost in the offseason. We will highlight who moves up and who moves down as the season progresses.

Rankings Critera

We want to be fully transparent with how our system works. While I personally won't always agree with the rankings, I tried to make them as fair and accurate as possible. There are several metrics that go into determining a teams ranking. Every Ranking is out of 100 points and rankings will change as the season progresses

For the initial rankings, rankings were determined by numerous factors. These include ESPN FPI Data, SOS averaged between various different sites, SRS Data from sports reference, team record, recruiting rankings, combined offensive and defensive efficiency. These categories are broken down in the chart provided. Some categories were given a heavier weight than others, this is personal preference and what makes the system unique from other computer rankings. These rankings were also made based on data from the last 4 seasons, with a much heavier emphasis on last season (About 50% of a teams ranking comes from last seasons data).

Rankings will be adjusted each week as teams will get a predetermined amount of points for each win and loss. Points will be awarded based on victory margin as well as strength of opponent. To keep the system balanced, this will be rather insignificant at the beginning of the season but add up as the season progresses.