Indiana Football 2023 Breakdown and Predictions

This week, Jackson breaks down the Big Ten East coming into the season. First up is Indiana.


Jackson Hamm

7/25/20234 min read

Let's discuss the Big Ten East. A division with three of the top five teams in the Hamm Rankings. This division is going to be a blood bath this year and I'm going to love every minute of it. This Week, we're going to be breaking down each team in this division. Who do they return, what are their expectations, what are some key matchups this season for each team? We will be answering all of those questions today.

Before we do that, please check out the first edition of The Hamm Huddle. Episode two will be a preview of and predictions for the Big Ten East. The production value of the last video was...lacking to say the least. We're investing in some new equipment for the next episode, it should be a much better experience. If you haven't already, subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with every new video we release.

Now, let's get into this preview. We'll cover the teams alphabetically, meaning first up is Indiana.

Indiana Hoosiers

Head Coach: Tom Allen

2022 Record: 4-8 (2-7)

Place: 6th in Big Ten East

After one of the best seasons in school history, Indiana has followed their historic 2020 season with just 6 wins in their last 24 games! Only two of these wins came against Big Ten opponents, both of which came last season. At a school like Indiana, this doesn't land you on the hot seat...yet. Tom Allen's team will look to improve again on last year's performance and get back to a bowl game.

So, where does this optimism come from? The Hoosiers were devastated by injuries last year. Depth should be the main concern for this program. Playing against powerhouse schools like Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State every year will lead to injuries. Those teams have a luxury of talent that the Hoosiers have sorely lacked over the past couple of years. This is a team that if healthy, could make some noise.

Key Losses: Tiawan Mullen (CB), Devon Matthews (S), Jack Tuttle (QB), DJ Matthews (WR), Shaun Shivers (RB), Cam Jones (LB), Dasan McCullough (LB), Demarcus Elliot (DT), James Head Jr (DT), Luke Haggard (OT), AJ Barner (TE), Tim Weaver - Shout out for Graduating Big Guy! (DT)

If you're a Hoosier fan, you'll be pretty familiar with a lot of the names above. Indiana is facing some massive changes on both sides of the ball. Many long time leaders on the defensive end have departed, meaning some young guys are going to have to step up. On the offensive side of things, Indiana will look a lot different. DJ Matthews will be the biggest loss to the Hoosiers offense. When he was healthy, not many CBs could keep up with the speedy receiver. With so many changes, who will replace these familiar faces?

Key Returns and Additions: Cam Camper (WR), Donaven McCulley (WR), Christian Turner (RB), Jaylin Lucas (RB), Aaron Casey (LB), Tayven Jackson-Davis (QB), Dexter Williams II (QB), Matthew Bedford (OT), Zach Carpenter (OT), James Bomba (TE), James Mond III (CB), Jamier Johnson (CB)

The big questions facing this team is what will the offense look like this year, can they stay healthy, and how good is Tayven Jackson-Davis. The younger brother of former Hoosier Basketball player Trayce Jackson-Davis and Center Grove standout will be the key to this Indiana team. Under Tom Allen, the defense has always been good enough to win the Hoosiers games. But the team has been in desperate need of a dual threat quarterback for the past few years. With an offensive line that just can't match up to the rest of the Big Ten, it is vitally important for Indiana to have a quarterback that can scramble out of the pocket. The Tennessee transfer may solve that problem. Indiana's ceiling is reliant on Jackson-Davis living up to expectations. With so many injuries at the quarterback position last year, it was a miracle this team won 4 games. Indiana will have to stay healthy at this position if they want to reach a bowl game this year.

Schedule and Predictions

Ohio State - September 2nd | 3:30 PM | (L) | 0-1 | (0-1) |

Indiana State - September 8th | 7:00 PM | (W) | 1-1 | (0-1) |

Louisville - September 16th | 12:00 PM | (L) | 1-2 | (0-1) |

Akron - September 23rd | TBD | (W) | 2-2 | (0-1) |

@Maryland - September 30th | TBD | (L) | 2-3 | (0-2) |

@Michigan - October 14th | TBD | (L) | 2-4 | (0-3) |

Rutgers - October 21st | 12:00PM | (W) | 3-4 | (1-3) |

@Penn State - October 28th | TBD | (L) | 3-5 | (1-4) |

Wisconsin - November 4th | TBD | (L) | 3-6 | (1-5) |

@Illinois - November 11th | TBD | (W) | 4-6 | (2-5) |

Michigan State - November 18th | TBD | (W) | 5-6 | (3-5) |

@Purdue - November 25th | TBD | (W) | 6-6 | (4-5) |

Final Record: 6-6 (4-5)


Yes I do believe that Indiana will be Bowl Eligible again this year. Their schedule is brutal and I think it's going to be a very tough task to get wins at Illinois and Purdue, but I think this team can do it. It really all depends on how good the quarterback play of Tayven Jackson-Davis is. If Indiana can put up some points this year, their defense will give them a chance to win the game. Last year, we saw the defense give teams fits before they gassed out due to being on the field 90% of the game. The offense just had no options at quarterback, and as a result couldn't put up practically any points all season.

I think this will be a team that surprises a lot of people. They won't be a team that causes any major upsets, but they might give a team like Wisconsin or Maryland a scare. With a lot of new faces on the team, the Hoosiers will gel at the right time and be bowl eligible for the first time in three years.

Next up, Maryland.